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AquaJet Micro Sprinklers


A detailed analysis of the micro-emitting segment revealed a lack of high-quality microjets and fan jets in the market. These jets which have extensive applications in Orchards, Oil Palms have a tremendous market already and there is a huge latent demand of sole product, if sold technically and properly. We at Automat decided to embark on this project to manufacture Aquajets/fanjets benchmarking against the best in the world and we are happy to inform you that we have successfully manufactured, tried and now have launched our fanjets/microjets. The eroduct is going to be the given brand name “Aquajets”.

Initially, we are launching it in two variants, find enclosed with the letter details of variants. Over a period of time, we would develop other variants as well in the current year itself. Atleast four more variants will be launched before the season starts. Apart from just bare jets, we are offering the complete set in which includes the spike as well as a micro-tube. We would be glad to offer any type of technical input/advice/information that you may need about the product.