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AUTO FLUSH - Automatic Disc Filter Systems

: Back flushing control valves adjusting filtration and back flushing positions of AutoFlush® automatic disc filters connected parallel to the manifold collector system are programmed by differential pressure sensor (DP) for pressure and by control device for timedependent parameters.


Back-flushing pressure is 1 bar.

Back flushing process is completed in automated manner.

Water supply is not interrupted during back flushing process.

As it can be cleaned within short time, very low amount of water is used in back flushing process

Due to discs with varying dimensions, desired filtration degree is ensured

Maintenance during operation is very easy.

As it is used in modular filter systems, filtration at desired rates can be performed

Due to body and framework reinforced against corrosion, it has long operation life..

Controller, connection equipments, air valves and pressure gauges are included in the system.

Fertilizer kit and fertilize tank are not included in the system

Package: Wooden crate

AutoFlush® automatic disc filter system
Code Collector Size
Disc Filter
Connection Type Recommended
Flow Rate (m³/h)
ADF-02 4 2 Grooved End or Flanged 50
ADF-03 4 3 Grooved End or Flanged 75
ADF-04 5 4 Grooved End or Flanged 100
ADF-05 6 5 Grooved End or Flanged 125
ADF-06 6 6 Grooved End or Flanged 150
ADF-07 8 7 Grooved End or Flanged 175
ADF-08 8 8 Grooved End or Flanged 200

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