Mini Sprinkler – A Boon for Root & Tuberous Crops

Mini Sprinklers


Tuberous and Root Crops are widely used for human consumption and as the population is increasing worldwide, their requirement is increasing proportionately. Moreover, as the agricultural area is also decreasing due to infrastructure and industrial needs, we need suitable technology like mini sprinkler to increase the yield per unit area using water judiciously in order to meet the increased demands of these crop from the reduced area. Adequate Irrigation and Fertigation of these crops are very important to achieve better quality and increased yield.

Tuberous Crops:

Potato, Turnip, Sweet Potato, Radish, Carrot & Beet Root.

Tuberous Crops

Concept of Mini Sprinkler:

  • Permanent system during crop growth, can be easily retrieved during harvesting.
  • Ensures uniform application and percolation of water in soil.
  • Provides overhead light and frequent irrigation (3-5 mm/hr).
  • Mini sprinkler operates at low pressure (1.5-2 kg/cm2).
  • Installation spacing required 8m X 8m to 10m X 10m irrespective of crop spacing.

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Agro-Technical advantages:

  • Mini sprinkler helps in maintaining optimum soil aeration.
  • Allows soil temperature control during germination stage, which results in perfect germination as the ground water temperature remains between 18-20 degree celsius.
  • Creates micro climatic conditions which helps in plant establishment and its vegetative growth.
  • No compaction of soil resulting in maximum uniform size of tubers.
  • Foliar application of fertilizers and micro nutrients result in quick and uniform uptake of the same by the leaves.
  • Washes leaves at regular interval which allows better photosynthesis resulting in good yield and quality produce due to increased leaf index area.
  • Helpful in Frost Protection up to (-3 degree celsius).
  • Avoids the chipping losses in potatoes which is normally 2 to 3% when potato digger is used for harvesting.

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Other Advantages Of Mini Sprinkler:

  • Quick Installation of system as compared to Drip Irrigation.
  • Low filtration as compared to Drip Irrigation.
  • Saving on land levelling and channel formation cost.
  • Flexible system, can change the configuration just by changing nozzles and rotors.
  • Handling and storage of less quantities of laterals as compared to drip.
  • Highly durable system with minimum life of 8-10 years.
  • Can be used for any size of farm for irrigation and fertigation.
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