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Cast Iron Foot Check Valve

Used on the end of suction line to stop fluids in the line emptying when the pump is turned off, thus eliminating the need to prime the pump during start-up..


Simple and robust design by no mechanism involved

Keep the continuous presence of suction within the pump.

MS reinforced NBR coated ball for excellent and over years consistent performance

Minimum Head Loss: Clear passage equal to nominal valve dia gives non interuption to flow, resulting low energy consumption.

Delivers High Volume of water quickly with unrestricted full flow.

Self cleaning by rolling movement of ball avoid scaling inside or on ball.

Ball is the only moving part inside, avoid clogging and maintenance free performance

No drop leakage by installing valve in any direction due to its scaling free Leaded Tin Bronze ring.

Walls inside Foot valves are expoxy coated gives free and frictionless movement to water and for longer life of ball.

Body and Cover Plate outside walls are enamel painted (RAL 5015).

Very less down time.

Arrow for correct installation of Check valve.

A strainer prevents debris from lakes, well, ponds etc. entering the piping system

Sizes and Dimensions
Size Thread D1 H H1 L W
2½" 2½” BSP/NPT 96 218 67.5 30.5 168
3" 3" BSP/NPT 116 260 65 32.5 200
4" 4" BSP/NPT 149.5 305 75 3 256

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