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Solid stainless steel band – clamp have rolled edges and smooth underside to prevent hose damage. The high strength bolt designed for this clamp together with captive nut and spacer system. Useful for heavy industrial fittings, all parts are of stainless steel grade SS-316. Available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” sizes.


Available in 2", 3" , 4" & 6" Sizes

Solid Stainless steel band.

Clamp have rolled edge and smooth undersid to prevent hose damage .

The high strenth bolt, designed for this clamp together with captive nut and spacer system.

For Heavy duty industrial fittings, all parts used of stainless steel grade SS‐316..

The clamp provides the 360degree uniform sealing.

Bolt & Screw head ensures super strong fit when tightening.

This is the clamp of choice for professionals in industrial, automotive and agricultural sector where an reliable heavy duty clamp is required..

Thoughtfully designed, skillfully engineered products for micro-irrigation systems that deliver best-in-class performance in the most challenging conditions

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