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The scorching Indian summer is a huge challenge for poultry farmers. At Automat – we are empowering them with Automat Aquafog Fogger – which reduces temperature and increases humidity and keeps poultry cool. All you have to do is run the Aquafog Fogger regularly for ambient temperature to drop significantly. Ensuring that your poultry and cows stay relaxed and healthy. With its high water distribution uniformity and coverage, easy installation and prompt service support – Automat’s Aquafog Fogger is the best way to stay cool this summer !


Suitable for clay floor & cemented floor.

Cools the livestock directly.

Equal distribution of water during a short time period,this gives very good evaporative cooling to the livestock.

Softly showers livestock according to a periodic time scedule set by the ower/supervisor.

Makes sure the cow shed & surrounding floor stays dry.

Has an anti-leak value which prevents water seepage when the system closes down.

Can also be used cooling other livestock.

Water evaporates due to local heat, prevents feed and fodder wetting.

Water & Electricity Consumption in Peak Condition- Hot & Dry(430C & Above)
From 10am to 7pm 6000 to 8000 sqft 8000 to 16000 sqft 16000 to 30000 sqft
Average Water Consumption (Ltr/Day) 4000‐4500 8000‐9000 16000‐18000
Electricity Consumption (Average Units/Day) 3 7 14
Average Electricity Unit Cost (Commercial) (Rs.) 5.50 5.50 5.50
Total Electricity Cost ‐ Per Day (Rs.) 16.5 38.5 77

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