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The Pro EX 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Controller offers proven power and functionality with the convenience of world- wide control through your smart phone, tablet or web browser! K-Rain has transformed the robust, reliable, feature- packed Pro EX 2.0 into an intelligent, multi-tasking, productivity enhancing tool every contractor will want! Easily and securely sync with homeowners’ or business’ Wi-Fi, manage multiple accounts and increase your productivity tenfold! You will appreciate the easy programming and installation too!


Hot‐Swappable 4 Station Modules – Simple controller upgrades from 4 to 16 stations while controller is in operation.

Large Backlit LCD Screen – Permits maximum viewing for all installations

AM/PM or 24 Hour Clock Settings – Allows user to choose the time format desired.

Full Program Screen Display – Watering days, number of start times, number of stations and special programming

Flexible Operation – Manual or remote operation

System Test – Allows a full system check for valve operation.

Manual Start – Allows manual program operation at the push of a button

Wire Management System – Vertical station terminal strips allows full use of cabinet

Permanent Memory – Non-volatile memory saves program during power outages.

Wireless Module Connector – Allows for optional installation of wireless communication

Diagnostic Circuit Breaker – Identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems while remaining program continues

Advanced Diagnostic – Visual and/or audible alerts when programming errors or other conditions have been detected and are preventing operation.

Locate Feature – Aids in locating buried valves in field.

Station Delay/Overlap – Permits additional time between stations or dual operation for everyday hydraulic issues like well recovery, slow closing valves and water hammer.

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