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When you’re irrigating orchards, vineyards and field crops on flat topographies with less than ideal water conditions, Aries™ dripper lines with extra-robust drippers can outlast any dripper in its category, giving you an irrigation system that works perfectly - season after season.


Largest filter in each dripper. Wide Filtration area to ensure optimal performance even under harsh water conditions.

Aries dripper having 37% to 41% higher

filtration area as compare to Typhoon dripper depending upon flow rate.

Turbu nextTM labyrinth assures wide water passages large deep and wide, cross section improves clogging resistance. Widest water passages within the dripper.

The water is drawn in to the dripper from the stream centre, preventing the entrance of sediments in to drippers.

Injection moulded dripper construction, ensuring uniform drippers and very low CV.

Aries dripper having 29% to 39% more cross sectional Area as compare to Typhoon dripper depending upon flow rate

Dripper’s technical data
Standard flow rate*
Water passages dimensions
width-depth-length (mm)
Filtration Area
1.00 0.60x0.75x65 49 0.331 0.48
2.00 0.76x1.03x65 54 0.663 0.48
3.00 0.90x1.20x65 54 0.995 0.48

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