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Rain family of round valve boxes is studied to face all the needs of the professional irrigation. They are easy to install, strong and durable and they are engineerded to mantain their integrity (horizontal and vertical) under load even with the cover removed.
Rain is proud to introduce a new line of Valve Boxes with "EzOpen" handle. The new valve box is opened by simply lifting and pulling a discreet handle embedded in the lid. Each valve box has an anti vandal bolt for additional security. A specially designed model bracket inside the box allows easy and tidy wire installation to fit Rain Evo battery controller.


PZC RN 15 D. 148/240x H 230mm

PZC RN 25 D. 243/330x H 260mm

Material: 100% polypropilene

PZRM 113 12 IN: 520X400X330 mm

PZRM 115 20 IN: 670X490X330mm

Material: 100% polypropylene

UNIEN 124 A class A 15 (Peak load >15Kn)

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