Our History

Founded by Mr. P.K. Jain in 1972, Automat Group of Industries is a global organisation, headquartered in New Delhi. The group currently providing direct employment in the following sectors to 2,700 persons at multiple locations in India:

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Apparel Manufacturing

Overview of Our Business


We are in the business of manufacturing Micro– Irrigation components and inputs which are at par with the best in the world. Today we manufacture more than 350 different products across 8 product categories, that go into any and every micro-irrigation system. available, globally.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Irrigation Sprinklers, Filtration and Fertigation Equipment. Automat has a presence in more than 110 countries – catering to the needs of farmers and buyers across various price points and different product portfolios.


Established in the year 1972, Smith Industrial Corporation delivers high quality, custom made High Precision Components manufactured using various metal cutting and forming technologies (Décolletage de Precision). Now synonymous with reliability and timely delivery – our components comprise key inputs in products made in critical manufacturing sectors. Innovation in manufacturing process and product development, ensure delivery of precision components of up to 10 micron accuracy, in volumes ranging from 1 million – 10 million pieces annually with minimal production lead time.


Established in the year 2000, Stitch 9 is now a Government of India recognised export company, engaged in the manufacture of ready to wear garments for both national and international markets. We specialise in the manufacture of bottom wear (denim and non-denim) and top wear for men, women and children.


Our Mission & Vision

To conceive, develop and manufacture irrigation products which are benchmarked against the best in the industry, at prices that are universally affordable across geographies -. with a team of self-motivated and empowered professionals.

To be an organisation that empowers and enriches lives of farmers with world-class, cost-effective irrigation products and solutions.


Customer Focused:
Customers and channel partners are key for Automat’s business success.

Self-motivated employees are the foundation of our creativity and innovation.

Environmental Conservation:
Enabling conservation of water and natural resources with our products

Product Development:
Focus on not what exists within the industry – but by actually mapping the need- gap analysis of the consumer

Continuous Innovation:
Create 15% of annual revenue from new products, processes, manufacturing

Serving Needs Globally:
Cater to customers across the globe and constantly benchmark our products with global leaders


We design products keeping in mind the size of farms, quality of water level, education, level of farmers and markets at different levels in growth cycle.

We create equal opportunities to succeed for all farmers globally... Be they small or big A small farmer in an emerging market - gets access to the same products to those being used by his better-off counterpart in developed markets.

Our technology and knowledge partners – be they raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, software - are global leaders To sum up - our differentiator lies in 45 years of deep manufacturing and industrial knowledge - married with on-ground agronomical knowledge and insights to create best in class products - ensuring that our product concept, design and workmanship are on par with the best in the world.

Thoughtfully designed, skillfully engineered products for micro-irrigation systems that deliver best-in-class performance in the most challenging conditions

Contact Us

  • Plot no. 18-19, Dilshad Garden, G.T. Road, New Delhi 110095.
  • Phone: +91-9650607154
  • WhatsApp: +91-9650607154
  • Fax +91 11 43099807/ 2212 1035
  • marketing@automatworld.com, contactus@automatworld.com

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