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Grooved End Coupling is also known as Victaulic Coupling. Grooved End Coupling allow easy removal of pipe sections or irrigation filters/ Hydrocyclone for replacement, cleaning and service. Installation time and cost is low, since only a socket wrench is.


Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature1

No heat or threading required to coupling two groove end connections.

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature2

Grooved End Coupling for grooved end pipe or irrigation products combine the features of a straight line or a flexible coupling. The housings engage the groove around the entire pipe circumference, locking the pipe together.

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature3

Since the groove are not as deeply cut as threaded pipe, less material is removed and more of the pressure rating of the product/pipe is retained.

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature4

Nut & Bolt made of stainless steel for durability.

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature5

Excellent UV resistance

Technical Specifications

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature2

Material: Reinforced Polyamide.

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature2

Connection Size:

  • 2" (DN50): AQ-196
  • 3" (DN80): AQ-198
Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature2

Max. Operating Pressure: 10 kg/cm²

Grooved End Coupling Irrigation Feature2

Color: Black

Size Max. Operating Presssure Dimensions
Nominal Size Actual Outside Dia X Y Z
mm/inches mm/inches (kg/cm²) / psi mm/inches mm/inches mm/inches
50/2" 60.3/2.375 10 / 145 100.3/ 3.95 130/ 5.12 44/ 1.73
80/3" 88.9/3.50 10 / 145 120.8/ 4.76 160/6.30 45.5/ 1.79

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