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New Y-Type Filter

Y-Type Screen Filter


  • Landscape & turf, kitchen garden, small nurseries:
    - Removes physical impurities which prevents clogging of emitting devices having small aperture.

  • House hold water tank:
    - Removes physical impurities from water supply collected in roof top tanks.
    - It further helps in reducing the load on R.O filter & other appliances.


Y-Type New Filter

Surface sealing design: O-ring on periphery of filter body ensures proper sealing and prevents leakage.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature2

Flow passes from inside to outside of screen cartridge.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature3

Uniform distribution of flow into filter housing optimizes filtration process.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature5

Maximum operating pressure: PN-6.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature6

Rustproof stainless steel (SS-316) screen mesh.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature7

Easy to open & close cap with smooth ribs on its periphery for better grip.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature8

Less space required to install the filter due to its compact design.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature8

Smooth ribs on periphery provides superior grip & allows easy opening & closing of cap.

HT-5N23 Impact Sprinkler AutomatIrrigation Feature8

Due to its compact design less space is required to install the filter.

Technical Specifications
A Technical Data HT-521 Y HT-522 Y
1 Normal Size, mm (inch) 20 mm (3/4") 25 mm (1")
2 Normal Pressure 6 Kg/cm2 6 Kg/cm2
3 Inlet and Outlet Connection Type Threaded Threaded
4 Screen Mesh Size Standard Mesh Size - 120 Mesh/
130 Micron - Blue colour
(Other mesh are also available)
80 Mesh/200 Micron - Black colour
150 Mesh/100 Micron - Red colour
5 Filteration Surface Area 151 cm2 151 cm2
B Material of Construction
1 Body and Cap PPGF(Polypropylene Glass Filled) PPGF(Polypropylene Glass Filled)
2 Screen Cartridge PPGF+SS (Stainless Steel) PPGF+SS (Stainless Steel)
C Range of Recommended Flow Rate 2~4 m3/hr 3~5 m3/hr
D Maximum Temperature 60 oC 60 oC
E Safe Maximum Pressure Drop 0.12 kg/cm2 at 3 m3/hr 0.12 kg/cm2 at 3 m3/hr

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