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HT-123TR & 124TMR Primary & Secondary Filtration AutomatIrrigation

HT-123TR & 124TMR

Flow passes through inside to outside of screen cartridge. Uniform distribution of flow into filter housing optimizes filtration process. Stainless Steel (SS 316) double mesh screen for rust prevention. Filter body can equipped with ¾” female threaded connection for draining. Screen cartridge with double screen 30 & 120 mesh to avoid tearing of mesh. Union nut for easy dismantling of filter for fast cleaning operation.

US StandardMetric StandardUS StandardMetric Standard
Inlet / outlet connection1½” NPT male thread1½" BSP male thread2” NPT male thread2” BSP male thread
Maximum Operating Pressure85 PSI6 Kg/cm285 PSI6 Kg/cm2
Range of Flow Rate50-70 GPM12-16 m3/hr80-95 GPM18-22 m3/hr
Nominal Flow Rate65 GPM15 m3/hr85 GPM20 m3/hr
Filtration Surface Area46 in2295 cm246 in2295 cm2
Material of ConstructionReinforce PolypropyleneReinforce Polypropylene
Filtering CartridgeStainless Steel SS-316Stainless Steel SS-316
Cartridge Diameter2.76 Inches70 mm2.76 Inches70 mm
Cartridge Length8.82 Inches224 mm8.82 Inches224 mm
Available Mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh

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