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HT-125TL(HC) & 125TL Primary & Secondary Filtration AutomatIrrigation

HT125TL(HC) & 125TL

2½” T-Type Screen filter (40m3) in which flow passes from outside to inside (Hybrid Clamp Model) and inside to outside in SS Clamp model. The filters are made from special chemically bonded polymer which are weather resistant. Bigger drain port provided for water drainage. Screen comes with special SS-316 Single mesh for strength and corrosion resistance.

US StandardMetric StandardUS StandardMetric Standard
Inlet / outlet21/2” NPT male thread21/2" BSP male thraed21/2” NPT male thread2 1/2" BSP male thread
Maximum Operating Pressure85 PSI6 Kg/cm2110 PSI8 Kg/cm2
Range of Flow Rate155-200 GPM35-45 m3/hr155-200 GPM35-45 m3/hr
Nomianl FLow Rate175 GPM40 m3/hr175 GPM40m3/hr
Filtration Surface Area116.8 in2754 cm2128.8 in2831 cm2
Material of ConstructionRainforce PolypropyleneRainforce Polypropylene
Screen Material Stainless Steel SS-316 Stainless Steel SS-316
Cartridge Diameter4.76 Inches121 mm4.76 Inches121 mm
Cartridge Length14.8 Inches377 mm15 Inches382 mm
Available Mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh80, 120, 150 mesh

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