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Semi Automatic Screen Filter

Suitable for use as a primary filtration device in small farm holdings. Made from special, chemically bonded polymer for durability. Easy to install and low maintenance.


  • Body made of special chemically bonded polymer for durability.
  • Non Corrosive SS-316 Stainless Steel Filter Mesh.
  • A secondary filter (75-100 Microns) is required to operate the product.
  • Available in 2½” BSP/NPT male thread connection : HT-125T-SA. 2” BSP/NPT male thread connection : HT-124T-SA. 3” BSP/NPT male thread connection : HT-126T-SA.
  • Easy to install & Low Maintenance.


  • Cleaning the semi-automatic filter must be done while the filter is under pressure.
  • Open the drain valve gradually.
  • Close the valve gradually.
  • Cleaning of the filter must be done when pressure differential across the screen reaches 0.5kg/cm² (7psi) or when the pressure indicator red button pops up.
  • Rotate the handle gripper in clockwise direction 4 - 5 times and then rotate in anti -clockwise direction to finish the process. This is to be done online when the system is on.
  • In case the filter is still clogged (pressure indicator button is up).Repeat the above while the downstream valve of the filter is closed.
Performance Data
Model No. HT-124TSA HT-125TSA HT-126TSA
Mesh Size 120 Mesh/130 Micron 120 Mesh/130 Micron 120 Mesh/130 Micron
Filtering Cartridge Stainless Steel Screen Stainless Steel Screen Stainless Steel Screen
Max. Pressure 8 Kg/cm2 8 Kg/cm2 8 Kg/cm2
Range of Flow Rate 18-27 m3/hr 25-35 m3/hr 35-42 m3/hr
Nominal Flow Rate 25 m3/hr 30 m3/hr 40 m3/hr
Clean Pressure Drop Max. 0.26 kg/cm2 Max. 0.28 kg/cm2 Max. 0.28 kg/cm2
Filtration Surface Area 554 cm2 831 cm2 831 cm2
Closing System Stainless Steel Clamp Stainless Steel Clamp Stainless Steel Clamp
Cartridge Diameter 119 mm 119 mm 119 mm
Cartridge Length 252 mm 378 mm 378 mm

Watch the Automat Semi Automatic Screen Filter in action

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