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Throttle Valve

Multi-turn, linear motion throttle valve. Straight through flow with minimal head loss, its slow operation prevents water hammer. Float, body inside profile.


Multi turn Linear motion throttle valve.

End connections: Female Threaded type

Max. Pressure : 6 Bar/85Psi.

Straight through flow with minimal pressure loss.

Its slow operation prevents water hammer.

Visual float position indicator to show us % throttle of piping system.

Steel Rod inserted in full length during injection moldings of Shaft made of Reinforced Nylon, that gives excellent strength without breakage during rough usage.

Float Body profile is matched by CNC machines for smooth operation and keeping the leakage under permissible limit during complete shut off.

Dowel pin inserted in the shaft to prevent extra travel of float which do not transfer load on during extra tightening by farmers. This prevents breakage of cap.

During assembly of throttle valve, 2 nos. lock pins inserted to avoid any slippage or loosening of threads of throttle valve cap..

Maintaining seat leakage permissible limit as per standard ANSI/FCI-70-2-2006 in Class III (0.10%).

Chemical / Corrosion resistant, Color UV stabilized.

Size BSP NPT d dk E L H
Thd./in Thd./in
50mm(2”) 11 11.5 65 48 117 130 275
65mm(2½”) 11 8 74 63 117 182 393
80mm(3”) 11 8 93 74 117 182 393

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