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Cheetah Valves


Single and double union PP ball valves that are ideal for drip and mini sprinkler systems. The ball inside the valve is made of special material that provides smooth and leakage-proof performance.

Single & Double Union Ball Valve

Cheetah Valves

Ideal for Drip & Mini Sprinkler systems

Leakage Proof : The ‘Ball’ inside the valve is made up of special material that reduces the wear & tear during operation and ensures smooth & leak-proof working

Cheetah Valves

This valve is strong and durable

Cheetah Valves

Its union design facilitates easy installation and maintenance

Cheetah Valves

UV-ray protection and steadfast colour ensure long-life performance

Technical Specifications

Cheetah Valves

Available sizes - 1", 2", 2.5” & 3”

Cheetah Valves

End Connection - Threaded / Solvent Socket

Cheetah Valves

Maximum Operating Pressure – 4 Bar

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