Drip Irrigation System

The drip Irrigation system is the most widely used method of Micro Irrigation System. It helps in using water from the water source and nutrients to the root zone of the plants and crops.

drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation System- Introduction, Meaning, Process, Installation, Wetting Pattern, and Advantages.

Irrigation is the process of supplying the required amount of water to the Agricultural Crops, Plants and dry areas. This can be applied during the times when the rainfall is less than the average downpour which is needed.

Drip Irrigation system also is known as Trickle Irrigation is a popular form of Micro Irrigation System . It includes the dripping of the water to the root zone of the plants into the soil via a small plastic pipe system. It can be well fitted with outlets for the emission of the water, known as pipes, valves, emitters or drippers.

Instead of using the emitters, micro spray heads may be used in the crops or trees which have wider root zones. Out of other methods of Irrigation, Drip Irrigation allows the deep drainage and is the easiest to install.

The efficiency of this form of irrigation totally depends upon how well maintained your Drip Irrigation System is. This method is mainly adopted for applying water and nutrients directly to the root zone and thus, reduce evaporation. The areas where water is needed more can be catered well.

A proper analysis of the water, soil topographic conditions, and agro-climatic conditions are required to establish a suitable Drip Irrigation System. The areas where water supply is scarce, there a Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) may be used. It allows the drip tape to be located at or below the roots of the plants.

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The installation involves components like mainline, sub-mains, drippers, filters, lateral, minute fittings. Certain accessories like pressure regulators, valves, pressure gauge, fertilizers, etc. also used for irrigation process. It is important to install the filters in the overall drip irrigation to prevent any clogging.

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers prefer the installation of filters to prevent losses. This Drip System is installed at the farmer’s agricultural field, and he is trained to work on it, followed by the after-sales services which are provided by the manufacturer himself.


The Drip Irrigation System allows water supplies through the dripper/emitter, for controlled and uniform application of water and nutrients, and other substances essential for growth of crops and plants directly into the root zone of the plant. Drip Irrigation saves water which is otherwise lost through evaporation. Using the combined forces of gravity and capillary, the water and nutrients enter into the root zone and thus, the plant roots.

This ensures the maximum yield, saves waters through effective pipe fittings and safety valve installation. The pump station takes water from the water source and supplies adequate pressure to the pipe system. The Control valves are the heart of the system and control the discharge and pressure in the entire system.

The filter cleans the water from impurities. Various types of filters like screen filters and Graded Sand filters available in different sizes and forms.

As direct sunlight may cause them damage. Mainlines, submarines, and laterals which are usually made from PVC are buried under the ground surface They supply water from the control head into the fields. Lateral pipes are usually 13-32 mm in diameter. The water discharge from the Laterals to plants and crops is controlled by the Emitters or drippers.

The Wetting Pattern is an important factor to be taken into consideration for the efficient designing of the Drip Irrigation System. The right spacing between the emitters and the spacing of the laterals need to be analyzed. This method of Irrigation can be applied for multiple types of crops such as Orchard Crops and Oil Seeds.

It provides the best wetting process in regards to other methods of Micro-Irrigation. It can save water that has been lost through deep percolation, evaporation and surface runoffs. Drip Irrigation is best used for Row Crops.

A Row Crop is the one which can be cultivated in rows wide enough to allow them to be tilled. It helps in managing the water at exact positions near the roots of the row crops. The drip tapes in the Drip Systems as installed have emitters spaced at a regular distance through which water flows at low pressure (drop by drop).

Drip Irrigation preferred over other methods of Micro Irrigation:


• Higher level of quality yields

• Huge level of Water Savings

• 100% of land utilization

• Saves Energy

• Efficient use of fertilizer and assurance of crop protection

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Drip irrigation HT-40G PENGUIN

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Drip irrigation System FLAMINGO)



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Flanged PVC Ball Valve

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Single Union PVC Ball Valve

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For maintaining safety, various tools such as Vacuum Relief Valve and Metal Continuous Acting Air Release can be used.

Vacuum Breaker

Drip irrigation-Vacuum Breaker Valve

Continuous Acting Air Release Cum Vacuum Relief Valve



Irrigation Accessories


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