Shower Prosperity on Fields Crops with Raingun

Mini Sprinklers


Rainguns are medium to large range sprinklers ideal for irrigating 0.5 acres to 2.5 acres (1 hac.) in a single operation / through one sprinkler and are especially beneficial for field crops like Sugarcane, Maize, Barley, Pulses, Tea, Coffee & certain leafy vegetables. They assure a huge cost and maintenance advantage compared to other irrigation formats like drip irrigation.

Advantages of Raingun for Field Crops:

  • Being a permanent / semi-permanent or portable system, its initial cost per hectare is comparatively much lesser than other micro-irrigation systems like drip systems.
  • Although the increase in yield varies from crop to crop, still a 15-20% increase in yield can easily be achieved using Rainguns.
  • Agro technical advantage is achieved by creating microclimatic conditions conducive for plant growth, for e.g. washing of leaves at regular intervals leads to good photosynthesis which finally results in good output from field crop.
  • Foliar application of fertilizers can be done easily for nutrients uptake and nitrogen.
  • Helps in controlling pests as frequent washing of leaves does not allow settling of pest eggs, hence the cost of pesticides is saved.
  • By operating Rainguns at optimum pressure, fine water droplets can be created to maintain optimum air and water ratio in the soil. Especially in sugarcane, there is a substantial increase in sugar content in crops which are irrigated through Rainguns. Thus, benefiting the farmers & processors.
  • Field Crops are dense and have a height of 5 to 10ft, Raingun operations are easily visible as compared to drip irrigation, which is very difficult to monitor.
  • Rainguns are very durable and have no issue with water quality, thus eliminating the cost of chemigation, which is required in drip irrigation due to frequent clogging of drippers.
  • Very low, almost negligible maintenance is required compared to drip irrigation, as the entire system is installed on the surface or subsurface, with much fewer components.